The image of James Toller appears on Eynesbury Village boundary signs. This unique former resident of Eynesbury is becoming a symbol for the regeneration of the Eynesbury Neighbourhood. Overwhelmed by piecemeal development and somewhat neglected by Town and District Councils Eynesbury, with a lack of community facilities for all ages and groups of residents, has become a grey suburb of the Town of St.Neots.


Eynesbury Village Association (EVA) is committed to campaigning for improved community facilities, promoting resident and community entertainment, recreation and neighbourhood services.

In partnership with the local History Group the Association has recently facilitated the erection of a commemorative James Toller plaque,  forming part of the proposed Eynesbury History Trail. Funding and presentation of the first of an Annual Award for the Eynesbury Resident Community Champion (for involvement and voluntary work in the community) and the production of a news magazine distributed free to all Eynesbury households are two major initiatives promoted by EVA, made possible by a financial grant from the recent Voice Your Choice scheme.                   

    Having successfully bid for funding from the HDC/Luminus Homes budgeting initiative, Eynesbury Village Association (EVA) is pressing ahead with an ambitious programme of events and projects. The acquisition of equipment, including a large marquee, has enabled the Association to realise some of its aims.


Eva members are keen to engage with all residents within the community in positive actions which will improve or enhance such areas as Environment, road traffic safety, local public services and facilities,  community safety, entertainment and recreation.It is recognised that young people, the youth in their teen years, are generally sidelined, their opinions social needs and aspirations either ignored or denigrated. Youth specific facilities and activities are few and far between in Eynesbury. We need to redress the balance. As revealed  during the local Voice Your Choice funding initiative there are several organisations and clubs within the St.Neots area which cater for specific interest groups, such as dance or sport. The majority of young people do not get involved in all or any of these activities, most of their spare time is spent at a "loose end" which often manifests itself in being labelled as ASB.In a structured approach to resolving the issue of disaffected youth EVA has initiated a project which will hopefully give voice and empowerment to Eynesbury youth.


The Association has established links and dialogue with the various statutory bodies , Councils and other community groups which shape and influence the development of Eynesbury, giving the Community a voice .