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             Winteringham Park Development.                    A428 upgrade and routes.



You may have views, opinions and suggestions about situations or  problems which adversely affect your quality of life or enjoyment of your

neighbourhood. Neighbourhood and community facilities, Litter,graffiti, ASB,noise,traffic problems, public transport,

are just a few of the everyday problems which can make life uncomfortable.






E.V.A. is engaged with the Cambridgeshire Public Transport Working Group

which is tasked with a revue of the needs and requirements for bus services within the area. To assist in determining the routes, timetables, viablity and financial structure

of proposals residents are invited to contribute opinions, needs and sugestions by completing  the survey questionaire on line, e-mailed as an attachment or downloaded

for mailing.









 Current plans are available for inspection at HDC Council Offices Huntingdon


The Government has approved the Eastern Expansion of over 4,000 dwellings by 2026 which will increase the population from 28,000 to 40.000 approx. It will be known as the new Winteringham Park (WP) plus a further expansion of Loves Farm (LF) The development will include 25ha of employment land.


The WP site is constrained in terms of access. At the top the A428 is a barrier as the Highways Agency do not favour an access while it remains a Trunk Road. Because of the economic crisis it is hard to judge when the A428 will be dualed which would turn the bypass into a local road. At the bottom we have the railway line as a barrier between the existing town and the new development. The railway line has two under passes for pedestrians and cycles: near Cambridge Rd & Howitts lane linking with Henbrook pedestrian & Cycle way when completed. The narrow end into Potten Rd has been suggested for public transport use only but this would limit the new community access into Eynesbury, Tesco, the Leisure Centre and SNCC. The other end, Cambridge Rd shared with LF would be heavily used. Access into town would be via this route with the eastern sides lack of parking. This would add to the pressure on the existing Town Centre Car parks. The centre needs to be used but viable & attractive alternatives to car use are needed to avoid added heavy congestion, continuing pollution and people going elsewhere.


Evaluation is needed to the effect on Wildlife, buffers are needed between wild areas to prevent weeds spreading and public spaces need to be thought about. More cemetery space is needed. Visual appearance is also a concern as we need the area to look green and attractive particularly from the bypass. Particular attention is needed for the look of Cambridge Rd as the main gateway to the Town.


It has been estimated that 9000sq metres of additional retail space is needed to meet the needs of a bigger population. Finding space in the town centre would prove difficult, then the danger of out of town shopping would weaken the town centre.


Business investors would be attracted by location and would need attractive green buildings with low carbon footprint, the whole development needs to be of a similar quality. We also need a good local production system for skills and that would itself attract interest and investment. The favourable site for industry would be the Cambridge Rd area being close to the railway station and a smart commercial area could be part of the Town Gateway.

It has been said that next to loves Farm it is also considered to be the area for the new Travellers site.









Public Information and consultation on the proposed upgrade and routes for the A428